Logo for BeerArena

Guess what? It’s summer. And we are beer lovers. This is why we are happy to have a new place in town that offers a pretty vast selection of beers. And we’re even more happier that they invited us to come up with a suggestion for their logo. Visit their Facebook page for daily menu…

Jameson Film Club

The JFClub gives cinema fans the opportunity to win movie tickets for different festivals, read cinema related articles and watch short movies. Fans can join the club by visiting a Facebook tab. Jameson Film Club gives full access to the best Jameson Short Film Award movies database. Visit Jameson Film Club here

Theatre Vazrajdane new web site

In December 2013 we launched the web site for Theater Vazrajdane. If you are a fan of this art you’ll be able to check the program, book a ticket or see the actors’ profiles. The mobile version is also working so you can use it on the device that suits you best. www.theatrevazrajdane.bg